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You come first

If you are reading this, we want you to take a deep breath and know you are in the right place! We are excited for you to be here with us and just know that it is individuals like yourselves who have brought us to this point in our lives and enabled us to better serve you! We are three women who are experts in neurological rehabilitation. With over 30+ years of experience combined, we have seen stroke survivors and their caregivers face multiple challenges as they cope with this change. We have worked very closely with many families in various settings, providing advice and information which we realized was not easily available. 

Because of this, we decided to create Lumive to be the “resource shop” for all caregivers. We are uniquely positioned to provide insight on how to make the job of caregiving a bit easier, how to provide good quality care and in turn making sure you have a little more time for you! We want to be your tour guide, illuminating the path ahead! 

how can we help you

guidance along the journey from hospital till home
Image by Samantha Gades
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Image by Minh Pham

Step by Step information

We have compiled a guide that provides you with information useful from the hospital admission to rehabilitation facilities to home! What to expect through the journey, who should be part of their medical team and your support system, how to prepare your home with safety in mind and more

Support for you and your loved one

how to plan their day around your schedule, ways to establish a routine, exercises from our team of rehabilitation experts that you can perform at home, meditation guidance for you as a caregiver

Tips, tricks and FAQs

Being a new caregiver, we created this handout so you can be the best advocate for your loved one, asking the right questions to the medical team. 

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