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Toileting, Grooming & Bathing

Toileting, Grooming & Bathing

For many individuals, toileting and grooming are very personal tasks. After a stroke, individuals may require the assistance of a caregiver in order to complete these task which can be very difficult for both the survivor and caregiver.  In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to help your partner with toileting, grooming/bathing needs. In this guide, we will cover everything you will need to know to help our partner in the bathroom, from using the toilet to showering to grooming 


  • Information about various devices and equipment you might benefit from having in order to increase the safety of these tasks and to help the survivor perform them more independently.(which you can also find on our website) 

  • How to safely position various equipment that you might need

  • How to safely transfer your partner to/from the toilet, the shower etc

  • Various options of where and how hygiene can be performed to set up the survivor and caregiver for the most success

  • A variety of ways to complete toileting, grooming and bathing

  • How to manage incontinence and the potential for a schedule in order to decrease episodes

  • What body mechanics are and how to maintain them during toileting, grooming and bathing

  • How to deal with the emotional component of assisting with such private activities of daily living

  • Tip and tricks

  • And more!

  • Disclaimer

    All medical information on the Website and in the Products/guides is for informational purposes only. By purchasing and utilizing the information within this PDF, you agree to the aforementioned disclaimer, and to our terms and conditions and privacy policies and waive Lumive, LLC of all liability associated with performance of the activities.

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