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Skin Check

Skin Check

Many people do not know that your skin is very vulnerable to a variety of secondary issues which can occur post stroke.  Sometimes, due to decreased mobility, sensation, cognition, incontinence combined with the use of some bracing devices, your skin is at a greater risk of experiencing injury.  In this guide, we will focus on the many reasons someone may develop skin issues after a stroke, what these issues may be, ways to manage them if they do occur and ways to minimize them.


-Understand why the skin is at risk, why skin injuries may occur, common sensitive spots and how to minimize the occurrence of skin issues 

- What are differences between a skin bruise and pressure sores

- Different ways to treat various injuries to the skin

-Understanding the impact of various comorbidities on skin health

-Tips for frequently checking arm and leg braces to decrease the chances of skin injuries

- Easy checklist that can be printed for quick skin checks!

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