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Mobility Part 2

Mobility Part 2

Walking and Navigating steps

We have heard that most caregivers are fearful to help their loved one walk because they are scared it could lead to a fall. We have often heard questions like: where should I put my hands? How do I move the walker? What devices do I need? 

We have created this guide to help you navigate some of this! 

In this guide you will find:


  • Information about various walking devices (which is also available on our website)

  • Different bracing that might be required for the weaker foot

  • How to help them stand/sit from different surfaces to different devices 

  • Where to stand and where to place your hands when walking with them

  • Learn what body mechanics are and how to incorporate them into walking and stair use

  • And more!

  • Disclaimer

    All medical information on the Website and in the Products/guides is for informational purposes only. By purchasing and utilizing the information within this PDF, you agree to the aforementioned disclaimer, and to our terms and conditions and privacy policies and waive Lumive, LLC of all liability associated with performance of the activities.

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