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Mobility Part 1
  • Mobility Part 1

    Bed Mobility and Transfers 


    Moving in and out of bed is something most of us can do on our own for our entire life.  Unfortunately, this can easily be impacted when someone has a stroke. The activity of getting from one surface to another (something you may now know as transfers) may also become difficult and scary for survivors after a stroke. We created these PDFs to help cover everything you will need related to this.


    In these handouts, you will find: 

    • Easier ways to help survivors move in and out of bed as well as within the bed (rolling, scooting, sitting upright) as well as in and out of the bed.

    • Tips for transferring to/from different surfaces like from the bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to couch 

    • Understanding various transfer techniques and why you may have been instructed to use one technique vs. another OR have been instructed to use various techniques for different surfaces (using a board for transfers, or standing and pivoting and more) 

    • Ways to manage the weaker arm and leg without causing pain or injury

    • Devices you might need to help you (which is also available on our website)

    • Learn about safe body mechanics and how to incorporate them into everyday

    • And much more!

    • Disclaimer

      All medical information on the Website and in the Products/guides is for informational purposes only. By purchasing and utilizing the information within this PDF, you agree to the aforementioned disclaimer, and to our terms and conditions and privacy policies and waive Lumive, LLC of all liability associated with performance of the activities.

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