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Future Stroke Prevention

Future Stroke Prevention

Once an individual has a stroke, we are always asked this question “Can I have another stroke?”. The short answer is yes, you can.  There are however a significant number of stroke risk factors which can be modified .  After having one stroke, it is important to educate survivors and caregivers on various ways to prevent a second stroke as much as possible. In this guide, we will talk about secondary risk factors and future stroke prevention.


-How to understand and identify risk factors

-How to modify risk factors

-Blood pressure checks at home as well as tracking/logging the readings  (getting a machine, understanding machine the readings, when to check your blood pressure)

-What is a healthy diet (sample meals included with explanations as to why each food is beneficial)

-The truth about smoking and vaping and their impact on stroke risk

-Diabetes and understanding how it can impact your stroke risk as well as ways to manage it

-The benefits of exercise as well safety when performing post stroke

-Family history

- Managing/preventing risk factors in caregivers (stress, food habits, sleep hygiene etc)

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