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Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

As healthcare professionals, we have lost track of the number of times we have had to educate about falls, help survivors regain function because they have been scared of falling, or educate many caregivers and survivors on how to safely get up from a fall is deemed appropriate. It is scary for everyone involved! In this guide, we will cover everything you need to about falls preventions and even what to do in the event of a fall – 

  • Common causes of a fall – internal factors ( within the body)

  • Common causes of a fall – external factors (outside the body)

  • Safety measures to have in place for someone who is at a risk of falls (during the day and at night)

  • What to do in the event of a fall

  • How to help them get up if deemed safe and appropriate

  • Difficulty with “getting off the ground” – every situation won't be the same

  • How to overcome the debilitating effects of a fall and keep moving! 

  • Tips for dealing with fears around falling especially if they appear to be impacting function/independence

  • Disclaimer

    All medical information on the Website and in the Products/guides is for informational purposes only. By purchasing and utilizing the information within this PDF, you agree to the aforementioned disclaimer, and to our terms and conditions and privacy policies and waive Lumive, LLC of all liability associated with performance of the activities.

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