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Passion Led Us Here

Carolin Dohle

I am a Neurologist with a special interest in Stroke Rehabilitation and am Board certified in Neurology and Brain Injury Medicine. I completed my Neurology training at Yale New Haven Hospital, and then spent the next 11 years immersing myself in the art of providing care to stroke patients in the rehabilitation setting. My passion is to help people understand what a stroke is, and how they maximize their long-term outcomes while avoiding complications. I have seen so many caregivers feeling overwhelmed and alone, and have joined forces with Lisa and Sheetal to shine a light on the common issues!

I have been the Principal and Co-Principal investigator on several cutting-edge clinical trials and am looking forward to bringing my expertise to Lumive. You can expect to read about some of the newest research studies here!
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband and son, go for runs with my dog, and practice my cello.


Sheetal Thayil
Physical Therapist

I am a mom to a wonderful son, 2 fur babies, married to an amazing man and a board certified neurological clinical specialist + certified stroke rehab specialist + vestibular specialist. I have trained as a physical therapist in the Middle East, India and now in America in various settings ranging from hospitals to outpatient centers to home care -  totaling 10+ years of experience.


My passion has always been to care for individuals post stroke especially during their recovery process at home. Over the course of my training across the world, there was one common theme that stroke survivors and their families struggled with – and that was access to information and education related to caregiving. This lack of simple yet pertinent information drove me to join other like minded individuals (Lisa and Carolin) to help bridge this gap for caregivers. As you can see, we come with different experiences and backgrounds which means you can be rest assured that you will have information covering the entire journey of caregiving!

When I am not busy problem solving with these lovely ladies, you can find me training for either a 10K or half marathon, or maybe even a marathon, taking my son on hikes or globe trotting with my family! 


Lisa Guglielmo
Occupational Therapist

I am an occupational therapist with 10+ years of experience who was convinced she was going to specialize in pediatrics as a student until I worked with my first stroke survivor. From that day forward, I became fascinated with what I could do as an occupational therapist to guide survivors and their family/caregivers through the recovery process of stroke.  Before doing anything in my career I would always ask myself, “Will this better the lives of the stroke survivors I work with and their family/caregivers?” If the answer was yes, then I went after it.


This led me to become a certified stroke rehab specialist and to obtain a specialty certification in low vision.  I am willing to try anything, at least once, if there is a possibility it will better the lives of stroke survivors I work with and their family members/caregivers. I know this is a quality Sheetal & Carolin also exhibit which is why our partnership is so magnetic.  I come from a large, and loud, Italian family and love a good joke.  I always aim to bring hype, humor and encouragement to all of my treatment sessions in order for the survivors I work with to feel empowered and encouraged to keep moving forward in their recovery.  In my free time I love seeing the world through my 1 year old son’s eyes with my husband, listening to almost any genre of music and enjoying some UV rays on a pretty beach.

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